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Standards Incorporated by Reference (SIBR) Database

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Accessing Standards Incorporated by Reference

This database provides information on standards that have been cited or incorporated by reference into the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). To obtain copies of the standards referenced, information should be provided in the referenced CFR section about how to obtain a copy. Alternatively, individuals can check with the standards publisher, a standards resellers or for a limited number of standards used in regulations, consult the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Incorporated by Reference (IBR) Portal. This portal provides a mechanism for limited and free access to some of the standards that have been incorporated by reference in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

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Incorporated by (Agency) FR Citation Sort ascending CFR Citation Document Number Document Edition / Year Title of Standard Standard Publishing Organization
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 272.201(c)(1)(i) ARHWMP 2007 EPA Approved Arkansas Statutory and Regulatory Requirements Applicable to the Hazardous Waste Management Program State of Arkansas
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 98.84(b) ASTM C 114 2009 Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement ASTM International
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 136.3(a) Table IG (Nabam) EPA Method 630.1 1993 Dithiocarbamate Pesticides by GC/ELCD U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Agricultural Marketing Service 7 CFR 28.303(c) ASTM D 1440 1982 Standard Test Method for Length and Length Distribution of Cotton Fiber (Array Method) ASTM International
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 63, Subpart JJJJJJ, Table 5, (1)(e) ASTM E 871 1982 Standard Method of Moisture Analysis of Particulate Wood Fuels ASTM International
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 86.113-94(b)(3) ASTM D 93 2013 Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester ASTM International
Coast Guard 46 CFR 52.01-50(a) ASME B&PV Code 2001 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section I, Rules for Construction of Power Boilers American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Coast Guard 21 CFR 165.110(b)(4)(iii)(F)(7) EPA Method 505 1989 Analysis of Organohalide Pesticides and Commercial Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Products in Water my Microextraction and Gas Chromatography U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Coast Guard 46 CFR 32.01-1(b)(1) ABS Publication 1989 Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels American Bureau of Shipping
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 49 CFR 571.108 S5.2 (13) ASTM B 117 1979 Standard Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing ASTM International
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 49 CFR 571.116 S6.2.3(b) SAE J-1703 1983 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid Society of Automotive Engineers
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 50 CFR 226.210 USGS Publication 1978 1:500,000 Scale Hydrologic Unit Maps for the State of California U.S. Geological Survey
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 60.17(g)(122) ASTM D 3177 1989 Standard Test Method for Total Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke ASTM International
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 49 CFR 572.71(b) Table A Drawing No. SA 106C 060 1997 Pelvis Assembly, Revision A Reprographic Technologies
Coast Guard 46 CFR 108.655(e) IMO Resolution A.760(18) 1993 Symbols Related to Life-saving Appliances and Arrangements International Maritime Organization
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 10 CFR 50.55a(f)(4)(ii) ASME OM Code 2004 Code for Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Occupational Safety and Health Administration 29 CFR 1926.200(i) ANSI Z535.5 2011 Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (for Temporary Hazards) American National Standards Institute
Drug Enforcement Administration 21 CFR 1311.55(c)(1) FIPS Publication 140-2 2002 Federal Information Processing Standard Publication (FIPS PUB) 140-2, Change Notices (12-03-2002), Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, including Annexes A through D National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 136.3(a) Table ID (18) ASTM D 3086 1990 Test Method for Organochlorine Pesticides in Water ASTM International
Rural Utilities Service 7 CFR 1755.405(c)(6) IEEE 743 1984 Standard Methods and Equipment for Measuring the Transmission Characteristics of Analog Voice Frequency Circuits Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 141.852(c)(2)(i) E-Colite ® Test 1998 E*Colite®—Charm E*ColiteTM Presence/Absence Test for Detection and Identification of Coliform Bacteria and Escherichia coli in Drinking Water Charm Sciences, Inc.
Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR 101.83(c)(2)(ii)(A)(2) UUSI Publication 2000 Determination of the Sterol Content in Margerines, Halvarines, Dressings, Fat Blends and Sterol Fatty Acid Ester Concentrates by Capillary Gas Chromatography Unilever United States, Inc.
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 63.14(g)(14) ASTM D 1945 2003 Standard Test Method for Analysis of Natural Gas by Gas Chromatography ASTM International
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 136.3(a) Table IC Footnote 6 APHA Standard Methods, 15th Edition, Supplement 1981 Selected Analytical Methods Approved and Cited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Supplement to the 15th Edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater American Public Health Association
Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR 178.3910(a)(4)(i)(C) ASTM D 156 1982 Standard Method of Test for Saybolt Color of Petroleum Products (Saybolt Chromometer Method) ASTM International
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 141.24(e)(1) Table (Dibromochloropropane (DBCP)) EPA Method 551.1 1995 Determination of Chlorination Disinfection Byproducts, Chlorinated Solvents, and Halogenated Pesticides/Herbicides in Drinking Water by Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Gas Chromatography with Electron-Capture Detection U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR 60.41c Distillate oil ASTM D 396 1978 Standard Specification for Fuel Oils ASTM International
Education Department 34 CFR 77.1 WWC Handbook 2014 What Works Clearinghouse Procedures and Standards Handbook Institute of Education Sciences
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board 36 CFR 1191, App B, 207.2 ICC/IBC 2003 International Building Code International Code Council
Coast Guard 33 CFR 126.5(b) NFPA 10 1988 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers National Fire Protection Association

DISCLAIMER: Data and information released from the Standards Incorporated by Reference databases at NIST are provided on an "AS IS" basis, without representation or warranty of any kind, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Data and/or information in this database may contain errors or may be incomplete. Please email if you identified missing information or incorrect information. This database is provided by NIST as a public service. Inclusion of records in this database does not represent endorsement or recommendation of standards listed by NIST.

NOTE: This database does not included records related to the Incorporation by Reference for the following: Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration – Airworthiness Directives, State Air Plan Approvals, and Standard Instrumentation Approach Procedures; and the Environmental Protection Agency - State Approval of Air Quality Plans.